Forensic Examiner Services

What is Forensic Science?

Forensics is the science that deals with the application of medical facts to legal problems. In short, acting as a forensic expert, Dr. Saboe performs an orderly analysis, investigation, inquiry, test, inspection, and examination in his attempt to obtain the truth from which to form an expert opinion.


  • Independent medical evaluations
  • Review medical records for plaintiff and defense
  • Case management assessment
  • Provide affidavit for medical malpractice cases
  • Appropriateness of care issues
  • Assist with question preparation for depositions and interviews
  • Develop case specific learned treatises for probable impeachment of opposing medical expert
  • Standards of care assessment depositions and interviews
  • Treatment decision–making
  • Provide expert forensic medical witness testimony
  • Impairment and disability decision-making
  • Review expert witness testimony assessment


    Dr. Saboe works on a “sliding scale” according to the complexity of the independent review.

Medical file review only $200/Hour
Base fee for an independent examination (one extremity) $300
Base fee for independent examination (Straight forward low complexity) $450
Moderately Complex Examination (One or more diagnostic areas/extensive chart) $750
Complex Examination (Two or more diagnostic areas with extensive chart review) $950 - $1,750
Depositions $400/Hour
Courtroom (portal to portal) $3,500 – (8 hrs)
(Does not include expenses, travel, meals, etc.) $1,700 – (4 hrs)
Telephone Consultation $200 Minimum
  $200 each subsequent hr billed by quarter hour/$50

Special Package Pricing (Only if expert testimony is scheduled on Tuesday/Thursday)

Includes medical file review, consultation/examination with impairment rating if clinically indicated and narrative report of findings. Pre-trial conference, production of exhibits if applicable, travel time (portal to portal), expert testimony. $2,750

Free Initial One Time Phone Consultation on Your Case

Dr. Saboe will provide a one-time no charge phone consultation regarding your case to determine potential for litigation before investing expensive preparations. Call 541-231-4528,

Forensic Examiner Services