Injured on the Job? Know Your Rights!

What should I do? If injured on the job notify your employer right away and ask for a Form 801 “Report of Job Injury or Illness.” You have a right to file a claim if you are injured on the job. Your employer cannot fire you because you have had an injury on the job and have filed a claim.

  • You, the injured worker, get to choose your doctor, including a doctor of chiropractic.
  • Dr. Saboe has accepted and treated injured workers since 1981, and is a panel provider for Majoris Managed Care Organization (MCO). Dr. Saboe will battle for your rights!
  • Your employer cannot force you to treat with a particular doctor (company doctor/nurse) or force you to treat with the local “occupational medical clinic” Oregon law allows you, the injured worker, to treat with the health care provider of your choice.
  • Your employer can force you to the local occupational medical clinic for post-injury drug testing but, following this you can then go elsewhere and treat with the doctor of your choice.
  • Again, Oregon employers are prohibited from discriminating against employees who are injured on the job, ORS 659A.040.
  • Most Oregon employers must return an injured worker back to their former job positions when they are able to perform them, ORS 659A.043.
  • Additionally, most employers have an obligation to return injured employees to suitable positions when they are not able to perform their former jobs but can still perform some positions, ORS 659A.046
  • If you have been injured on the job and have questions about your rights call our clinic today at 541-926-3162.
  • The Ombudsman for injured workers is another source to learn your rights as an injured worker and can be contacted at 800-927-1271.
  • If you have been unlawfully discriminated against and fired from your job due to an on the job injury, contact Oregon’s Civil Rights Division at 971-673-0764 or email at It is better to file a complaint sooner than later. The division will investigate your complaint and can force your employer to re-state you to your former job.
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